Hello fellow Golfers and Golf enthusiasts who love this amazing game, my name is Richard AKA THE “GOLF FIEND”.

I have been a fan, devotee, student, and player of Golf since the wee age of 4 years old.  Most of my golfing hours came between the ages of 8-17 and I then played sporadically from my late teens until about my son was born in 2013.  My son inspired me to pick the game up again and introduce him to this lifelong sport.  He is now going on 4 years old and will not hesitate to hit 200 balls at the driving range without stopping!  Dear old Dad has trouble keeping up sometimes!

Within the last couple of years I have been in search of solid Golf Instruction and to be honest, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of Instructors and different swing philosophies that one is bombarded with on the internet.

I created allstargolfpro.com to be a learning resource and research site for Amateur and Advanced Golfers who are in search of theories, instruction, and drills from Top Rated Golf Instructors (Celebrity Golf Pros) such as Butch Harmon, Eddie Merrins, and Jim Hardy to name a few of many.

When you dive in to this site you will notice full biographies of each Celebrity Golf Pro, analysis of their swing and teaching philosophy, what drills and tips they may have, information about their Golf Schools, books they may have Authored or golf products they endorse                                                                                                                          .

I believe having one site with information on many of the well known “Golf Minds” under one roof can help people pinpoint which Golf Instruction style is right for them or it may even be a combination of more than one teaching style that appeals to them.

Thanks for reading!  Contact me if you want to chat about Golf!

The “Golf Fiend”



My-3-Year-Old-SonMy son and i posing for momHitting-balls-at-the-range