Celebrity Golf Instructors

What Is A Celebrity Golf Pro?

By “The Golf Fiend”

Some of us may think that a Golf Instructor refers to a local Golf Pro at the neighborhood Country Club or Public Muni in most cases.  Yes, Golf Instructors are qualified PGA Professionals that usually instruct at Golf Courses.  Out of thousands of instructors across the US, there are hundreds of Golf Instructors past and present that can be considered Golf legends and even be considered famous in the public eye.

For purposes of this website and perhaps an introduction to a new classification of Golf Instructor, we will refer to these famous Instructors as Celebrity Golf Pros.

We may use this “Celebrity” adage with the same concept that one may use when thinking of Celebrity Chefs.  In relation, there are many chefs in this country but only a select few have national fame, have their own TV shows, own Restaurants, or have authored their own Cook books.   Now think of Golf Instructors; there are thousands of them but only a select few have national recognition, are on TV, instruct Tour Pros, own Golf Schools, have branded their swing philosophy, have their own Golf Improvement products, etc.

Conclusion: The idea of a Celebrity Golf Pro is very closely related to the idea of a Celebrity Chef such as Gordon Ramsey

Therefore, we may potentially define a Celebrity Golf Pro as follows; a rare individual who has reached stardom or become famous in the Golfing world through media such as TV, Internet, Books, and Magazines by exhibiting exceptional knowledge of Golf Instruction and being recognized by Tour Pros and Amateur Golfers as Masters of their craft.

An Instructor will know when they have achieved Celebrity Golf Pro status when they are able to charge upwards of $500 and beyond for a personal golf lesson.

Dave Pelz: The Short Game Master

Take Dave Pelz for example, who charges a whopping $20,000 per day for his tutelage, throw in an extra $10,000 and he will even show up on your turf anywhere in the world!  How are a select few Celebrity Golf Pros charging these outlandish rates to share their “Holy Grail” of Golf knowledge with the world?  Well, when you have Authored a New York Times #1 National Best Seller and 8 other Golf Instruction books, acquired 17 Golf patents on equipment, developed well-know innovations such as, “The Pendulum,” putting stroke, and has coached students the likes of Phil Mickelson and Payne Stewart like Dave Pelz has, it then seems sufficiently adequate to charge high rates and attract high profile clients while adding mystique to the whole Celebrity Golf Pro idea.

Another example of a Golf Instructor All Star in the Celebrity Golf Pro realm would be Hank Haney who actually wrote a book about how it was coaching another Celebrity, Tiger Woods. Hank Haney’s book,

The Big Miss: Another popular book about Tiger Wood

The Big Miss: My Years coaching Tiger Woods sold thousands of copies worldwide, a wildly successful endeavor by any measure.  Now, it may be apparent that to reach the mountain top of Golf Teaching and reach Celebrity Golf Pro status, it definitely is a feat accomplished by a fraction of the thousands of Golf Instructors out there worldwide.  This site will highlight the careers and teachings of not only these two aforementioned instructors but potentially hundreds of Celebrity status and famous golf pros that esxist past and present.


By The “Golf Fiend”